Switched On Electrical Services delivers a diverse range of effective commercial solutions which includes an on-call maintenance team that offers regular and scheduled preventative maintenance, reactive emergency service and one-off call-outs. Our Service Division is client-focused and provides service and maintenance facilities to a broad range of clients. Our capacity includes 24 hour, 7 days a week on-call technicians and a fleet of fully equipped service vehicles to attend to all of our valued clients and contracts for a continued provision of their critical requirements. We often maintain the buildings that we have designed and/or installed the electrical infrastructure. This gives us the advantage of prior understanding of the building and being familiar with the various installed systems, which allows for a smooth transition between construction and maintenance teams. This practical engagement between service and design/installation teams helps us to service all of the infrastructure requiring maintenance within the buildings that we look after. It also allows us to better understand other client’s systems to deliver optimum efficiency and cost effectiveness. By offering routine and preventative maintenance programs, and also reactive emergency service, we assist our clients in various sectors, including:

Preventative maintenance through regular servicing and scheduled testing prevents emergency repairs and ensures compliance.

We are able to customise our preventative maintenance plans to suit each client’s specific needs. These plans are designed to satisfy compliance requirements, increase equipment lifecycles and maximise the return on assets.

Through our experienced team and valued partners, the services offered within our capacity include: